Barr Web

Hi, I’m Jim Barr, and this is one of my little corners of the Internet-–my sandbox and playground for all things Web Development. I’m a technology geek, and I love riding on the bleeding edge of technology. I love exploring new gadgets, services, Web sites, programs, and anything technically interesting! I develop and managed several small client Web sites, so if you are interested in discussing a small project, let me know!

moving on…

My journey began with a large layoff at the company I worked for. I was rooted in the Chicago area, but an opportunity for a change soon came. After a few weeks of discussion, some deep contemplation, and a leap of faith, I secured a new job in Anderson, South Carolina! Anderson is certainly a change from the Chicago area, and I’ll miss my colleagues and friends, but we must all at some point move on.

…to the farm

10 years later, my wife and I had the wonderful opportunity to purchase pasture land in Iva, SC, just 30 minutes from Anderson. We had a modular home built, and now enjoy farm (pasture) life. Cattle graze on our 17.5 acre pasture, as we support the local cattle producing farm community. We continue to work in Anderson.